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Improving data visualisation for public sector decision-makers and researchers

Call for evidence

We are carrying out a review of data visualisation - how data is presented and brought to life using charts, graphs, maps, timelines, animations etc - for public sector decision-makers and researchers. The work will identify good practice in visualising data, particularly for:

We are looking for good examples of visualisation that have:

The project/website will be an excellent opportunity to show case your own examples of good visualisation, and help contribute to common standards of good practice in the research community. If you have any examples, we would love to hear from you! (contact details below)


The project has been commissioned by the Department of Communities and Local Government, who are looking to understand the potential for visualisations to analyse and communicate data, and provide guidance for national and local analysts on making best use of visualisation.

Work on the project will explore questions including:

The primary output from the project will be a web application, to help users identify strengths and weaknesses of visualisations for particular purposes, also linking to examples and supporting material.

Further information

James Geehan
(Project manager)
Communities and Local Government
tel: 0207 944 4857
[email protected]
Tom Smith
(Project lead)
tel: 01273 201345
[email protected]

Alternative formats

This briefing note is also available for download in PDF format and as a Word document.